Our Team


Late SHRI CA Mahendra Shah

Senior most partner of the Firm, active in professional field for more than 50 years. In his capacity as renowned Chartered Accountant and leading Academician.


1. Co-Author of about 10 books in Auditing, Company accounts, Management Accounting, Corporate Taxation and Costing.
2. Professor in Accountancy, Costing, Taxation And Auditing for 10 years and Post-Graduate Teacher in Commerce for 12 years.
3. Chairman of the Board of Studies in Accountancy in Gujarat, M.S., Sardar Patel University (Seven years).
4. Chairman, Technical Examinations Board, Commerce Courses, Gujarat State (Fourteen years).


  1. Contributed Technical Papers on the subject of Internal Audit; Disclosure in published Accounts; Accounting requirements of Schedule VI; Profits - Facts of Accountant looks at it; Depreciation and its controversies; Internal Audit and Internal Control; Amendments in Companies Act and controversies there from; Non-Corporate Taxation-Cum issues, etc., at the Seminars and Conference organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Gujarat University Area Teachers’ Association, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry etc.
  2. Participated as Chairman of Several Technical Sessions of Professional Conferences.
  3. "Expert invitee" for :-                                                                                                                                                                                 a. Gujarat public service commission interviews.                                                                                                                                                                                                               b. Thesis to Ph.D. students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             c. Thesis to M.Phil students.


On Board of Directors of 2 listed companies & 5 other companies

CA cHirag Shah - B.Com., LL.B., FCA, DISA


1. Practicing Chartered Accountant for more than 25 years.
2. Regular columnist on Corporate Laws Column of Ahmedabad C.A. journal for last 8 years.
3. Actively engaged in professional activities of Ahmedabad C.A.Association as convenor, Chairman of various Committees.
4. Presented papers on various subjects like Tax Audit, Revised Schedule VI, etc.
5. Awarded best paper on Corporate law by C.A. Association.
6. Active member and regular participant of various conferences, seminars of Bombay Chartered Accountant Society, Bombay Management Association, International Fiscal Association (IFA), etc.


1. A young Chartered Accountant with extremely bright academic career.
2. All India 32nd Rank & 2nd in Gujarat in C.A. final examination in May 1991.
3. Obtained 1st Rank in Final B.Com Exam. of Gujarat University in March,1988 and has been awarded 8 Gold Medals, Awards and Merits.
4. Gold Medalist in LL.B examination.
5. Post Graduate Qualification of Information & Systems Audit (ISA) of ICAI.
6. Awarded various Scholarships and certificates of merits for the bright student of H.L. Comm. College- Reputed college of Gujarat State.
7. Actively participating in all the major programs/events of International Fiscal Association (IFA), Ahmedabad Chartered Accountants Association, Bombay Chartered Accountants Association, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, etc.
8. Also awarded Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Education, Govt. of India at Higher Secondary examination.

CA Rashmi Sheth - B.Com., FCA


1. Chartered Accountant having 35 years Rich and Matured experience.
2. Looking after Audit, Company Law, Taxation matters of Corporate / Non-corporate / clients.
3. Independently handled Finance and Secretarial division of Listed Corporates.
4. Strength in recognizing, analyzing and solving business & accounting Issue.
5. Dependable team leader in completing projects accurately and on time.
6. Extensive knowledge of financial instruments and legal documentation work.

CA Madhukant Patel - B.Com., FCA


1. Sr. Chartered Accountant having 38 years experience.
2. Looking after Audit & Company Law matters of Corporate / Non-corporate / Assessee Co.

CA Milan P. Shah - B.Com., FCA


1. A proficient Chartered Accountant having 20 years of sound and matured experience.
2. Looking after Statutory Audit of Corporate / Non-corporate clients, Banks etc.
3. Ind AS compliances matters of Listed Company.
4. Independently handled IFCR assignment of Corporates.
5. Strength in recognizing, analyzing and solving business & accounting Issues.
6. Dependable team leader in completing assignments accurately and on time.
7. Due diligence Audit.
                                         8. Company Law Matters of clients.
                                         9. Assisting in Project managerial Services.


1. An young, enthusiastic professional Chartered Accountant.
2. Past Article training in the said firm fully conversant with firms culture.
3. Looking after Audits of Corporate, non corporate and Bank audit.
4. Assisting Ind AS compliances matters of Listed Company.
5. Assisting in IFCR assignment of Corporates.
6. Assisting in Corporate law matters of the firm.

Team Of Advocates:-


(Associate Colleague)
1. president of income tax bar association, ahmedabad, gujarat for the year 1990-91.
2. president of all gujarat federation of tax consultants.
3. nominated by finance ministry, govt. of india, as one of the members in "regional direct taxes advisory committee        in the state of gujarat region 1993-94 to 1995-96.
4. regular paper writer on various seminars and conferences of professional associations like i. tax bar                           association, agftc etc...
5. more than 40 years of experience. 

(associate colleague)
1. looking after direct tax matters & appellate assistance for tribunal matters for corporate & large sized units.
2. more than 2o years of experience.

Other Team Members:


Educational Qualification: B.Com., FCA

1. Senior Chartered Accountant having 25 years of experience in varied fields.
2. Looks after Audit, Taxation, GST, Company law matters, LLP / Non-corporate entities.
3. Strength in recognizing, analyzing and solving business & accounting Issues.
4. Competent Chartered Accountant possesing diversed skills for domestic as well as International taxtation.


Educational Qualification: B.Com., FCA

  1. Very energetic Chartered Accountant having 6 years rich experience in the field of audit.
  2. Looking after Audit of Public Company, Private company, LLP and other non corporate clients.
  3. Ind AS compliances matters of Listed Company.
  4. Independently handled IFCR assignment of Corporates.
  5. Strength in recognizing, analyzing and solving business & accounting Issues.
  6. RERA Compliance.


Educational Qualification: B.Com., ACA

  1. Young Chartered Accountant having sound and exclusive experience of 4 years in Indirect Tax laws including GST, Service Tax & VAT.
  2. Firm’s GST Division In charge.
  3. Visiting faculty at Nirma, ICAI branches & other Educational institutes on the subject of GST. 

4. CA Alvina Maniar

Educational Qualification: B.Com., ACA

  1. Highly Competent Chartered Accountant having 2.5 years sound experience in the field of taxation & forex related laws.
  2. Handling Domestic and International taxation matters of clients.
  3. Looking after FEMA, RBI compliance matters.
  4. Research assistant for Interpretation of taxation laws.

5. CA Jay Raval

Educational Qualification: B.Com., ACA

  1. An young & enthusiastic Chartered Accountant.
  2. looking after audit of public company, private company, LLP and other non-corporate clients. 
  3. Looking after GST matters including audit compliance and advisory to corporate and non-corporate client.
  4. Actively contributing towards Ind AS implementation, compliance of limited companies.
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