Corporate Strategies, Structuring & Feasibility Studies

We provide valuable insights into structuring and strategy options with a view to enhancing shareholder value. Our extensive experience with various corporates and industries facilitates the provision of such services.

Our wide range of services in this area includes:

  1. Preparation of project reports and assisting clients in procuring funds from banks & financial institutions;
  2. Advising on appropriate mix of debt and equity financing and internal financial restructuring;
  3. Projections, cash flow analysis and budgeting.
  4. Profitability analysis-existing and new lines.
  5. Contract negotiation.
  6. Advising on technical and financial collaborations, joint ventures,
  7. Setting up new ventures (which could either be in the form of subsidiaries/branch offices/liaison offices for multinational companies)
  8. Obtaining the approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board and other government agencies;
  9. Advising on mergers, amalgamations, de-mergers/spin-offs, diversifications, slump sale right from the stage of conceptualization of the scheme, co-ordinating with lawyers, valuation of companies etc till the stage of obtaining the final High Court approval to the scheme;
  10. Advising on conceptualization, drafting and implementation of employee stock option schemes;
  11. Advising various foreign financial funds and entities and strategizing their investments and disinvestments/exit options;
  12. Feasibility studies, process reviews and system studies.
  13. Structuring of agreements, drafting of legal deeds and other documents and registration of such documents with appropriate authorities.
  14. Registration of Import and Export codes, Patents, Trade marks etc.
  15. Acting as arbitrators in conciliation proceedings.
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